The National Pet Show Birmingham


The National Pet Show is coming to Birmingham this weekend. If you own a small fluffy friend, or you are just a pet lover, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November are your day to celebrate you little friend while having lots of fun at the event.

Hall 4 of the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham is expected to be full of excitement as different family fun activities take over, fired up by high-action displays from various participants. If you are looking for something to do with your kids this half term, join other happy animal enthusiasts and get amazed by what pets can do.

In case this will be your first time to be at the National Pet Show, there’s so much to expect of the two days. First is the chance to be up close and personal with thousands of breathtaking animals. These include famous dog actors featured in movies and famous TV shows such as Kingsman, Fantastic Beasts, Beauty and the Beast, Poldark, and Vanity Fair. You also don’t want to miss a single moment of the high-energy action displays including one from Conquest K9 Dog Display.

How many skips do you think a human and a dog can do in a minute?

Rachael and her adorable fluffy friend Jessica will give us the answer. Mojo the poodle will give you a thrilling 30 seconds of rotations on the hind legs while the giant Leonberger Hagrid will catch items at terrific speed for your amusement.

Be keen not to forget to pass by the Dogs with Jobs area to meet dogs who work for a living. As we all know and appreciate, dogs do incredible works especially in the police force. The NEC will give you a chance to witness some of these works. Ranging from rescue and search dogs to service and therapy pups, you will have a chance to see live how they do it.

As you enjoy different tastes of pet action, Lucy Health, Britain’s Got Talent finalist will be entertaining you live and sharing a number of useful tricks and tips on how to train your pet. Trip Hazard will be performing alongside the amazing Heath.

The show is expected to be full of Supervet fans, the Channel 4 show hosted by Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick. Prof. Noel will be signing copies of his new book �Listening to the Animals: Becoming the Supervet’. He’ll also be meeting, storytelling, and teaching young animal lovers on how to take care of their pets. Let the kids come and enjoy the lessons even as they get animal themed face painting of their liking.

The next big pet name for the most famous book of records will be gotten from the show. Craig Glenday, the Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records will be introducing the “Canine Catwalk”, a parade of four-legged history-makers. If you own a strong-willed dog who can take part in this parade, you could be the next most famous pet owner in two days. In addition to Craig’s interesting parade, TV presenter Michaela Strachan will introduce the Animal Rescue Barn. Local charities including the Greyhound Trust, French Bulldog Saviours, Manchester and Chesire Dogs’ Home will present some four-legged friends in need of a new home.

Grab your ticket for The National Pet Show now.