National Love Your Pet Day Show Just How Much People Care

Even though we don’t know when and why this amazing holiday was invented, it’s certain that an inventor was a pet lover. It is believed that this holiday started around 2000s for the first time and till now it has grown quite a bit. Every year on 20th February pet lovers from around the world celebrate this astounding event. This is a perfect way to show your pet just how much you love them.

Who can celebrate it?

Best of all, no matter in which country you live in, no matter if you own a dog, cat, goldfish or tarantula, you can make sure that your loved animal knows you think about them. Only non pet owners can’t celebrate this amazing event, so for you who don’t know astonishing feeling of having a relationship with an animal that loves you as much as you love them, here are a few reasons why everybody should own a pet: 1) They can help with depression! Actually there is a Pet Facilitate Therapy (PFT) that is used frequently for helping with depression. Animals offer unconditional acceptance and love so no wonder they can help with blues. 2)They help you break ice Having a pet with you can be perfect icebreaker with stranger and just because of that, you could form stunning relationship with new people. 3)They keep you active Having a pet requires you to walk more, run more and clean more. This can drastically help with your health and fitness!

How to celebrate it?

Another benefit of this holiday is that you can choose which kind of love you are going to present to your friend. You could give to your cat scratches under the chin all day, let your dog run through mud, or simply brush your horse’s hair nonstop. And who doesn’t love a good belly rub, optional but it would be nice with “Who’s a good boy?” included. You could go on an outdoor adventure! No matter if it is just a park, special beach or mountain hiking, be sure that your dog will enjoy this. Another way to show love is to spend some time making a yummy homemade delicious treat. Be sure that it says “I love you!”. If you feel like it, you could also book your pet a few hours in a spa. Yes, animal spas exist and they include pools, and even massages! You can also buy your cat or dog a new toy from a pet supplier store. They are like kids, can’t resist a new toy! One of the best ways to actually help the community is to adopt your new furry friend from a shelter. There is no better day to do it after all. While you are choosing one lucky pet, you could volunteer there for a few hours, give away your old toys or ideally donate some money to the shelter. Doing that you could help animals living there to feel the love too on this special day. We all agree that this day is lovely but wouldn’t it be amazing if it was celebrated two times a year? How about three or four? Well it depends only on you. You can celebrate it on this date, but real pet lovers will honor it every day.